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Baseball update March 26, 2020 from our Baseball affiliate:

Mississippi Dixie Youth is making plans for this year as this timeline continues to change with the coronavirus. Our main priority at this time is to make sure we are able to have our 2020 regular season, district, state tournaments and World Series for our leagues. As everyone understands none of us knows when the CDC will lift their guidelines for this virus and allow things get back to normal. The news right now doesn't look really good but we are praying that this virus is brought under control soon. The National Board of DYB is only suggesting that we may begin the season around May 11 according to the last CDC notice. As we all know we can't continue backing this date up and still be able to have the World Series this year. Our plan right now is if we get to the point that the World Series may have to be cancelled, we still want our leagues to have a regular season, that will have district and state tournaments at the conclusion of the season. We are looking if we have to go past the May 11th date that DYB has suggested that we can still begin our regular season no later than July 6 and play 6-7 weeks of regular season then have our district tournaments and conclude with our state tournaments around the third or fourth weekend in August. This is just a tentative plan as of now and we wanted to let everyone know the timeline we are considering at this point. We still may be able to begin the middle of June and then our schedule for district and state tournaments will be changed. As everyone understands this will not be a normal year but we are trying to come up with a plan so everyone knows what is being suggested at the present moment. We will keep everyone informed of any information as we receive it from the National Office of DYB.

Tommy Rheams, State Director

The Yazoo Sports Board of Directors have finalized the number of teams for all divisions. Due to lower numbers of players, the Directors have decided to merge Minor League (9s-10s) with Major League (11s-12s) to play Major League open base baseball. Please contact me if you have any questions.
Number of teams:
Major - ages 12-9 = 4 teams
Coach Pitch - ages 8-7 = 5 teams
Soft-toss - ages 6-5 = 5 teams
Jr TBall - ages 4-3 = 4 teams
We are contacting coaches to fill positions for these teams and will be assigning players to the teams via a draft system. We hope to have coaches and players assigned to teams by the end of the week. Once the Head Coach has their team's contact information, they will call the contact for each player.